1. John Snow


  2. zesungkang:

    Lord Berric Dondarrion


  3. zesungkang:

    Been a while. Here’s Joffrey Baratheon.

    made for groupfarts


  4. kristaferanka:

    Daenerys Targaryen

    the bride of fire

    done for Groupfarts


  5. kristaferanka:

    GAH im a little late on this bah.

    Margaery Tyrell

    the little queen

    done for GroupFarts


  6. kristaferanka:

    Tywin Lannister

    the old lion

    done for Group Farts



  8. lordspew:

    Tyrion Lannister for the gang over at groupfarts


  9. amandawinterstein:

    Brienne of Tarth for the gang over at groupfarts


  10. zesungkang:

    Robb Stark

    done for groupfarts


  11. cyber-sky:

    Barristan Selmy - Tough old bastard - A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)

    sergio toppi homage

    Done for Groupfarts


  12. kristaferanka:


    kissed by fire

    done for Groupfarts


  13. zesungkang:

    Ned Stark

    done for groupfarts


  14. Bro do you even?

    Trolling Khal Drogo for Groupfarts.

    (Source: anthonygoes)


  15. kristaferanka:

    Jeor Mormont

    the old bear

    done for the new theme over at the Groupfarts